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61. Strawberry and Watermelon Juice

Finding pleasant ways to eat more fruit is one of the secrets of losing weight successfully.

Because strawberry and watermelon taste very good when put together, this strawberry and watermelon Juice is a great way to help us to achieve the purpose of losing weight

This juice is lovely served for breakfast with our strawberry and orange pancakes. Put l/2 cup of strawberries and 2 cups of watermelon together, and serve immediately in your favorite glass.





62. Coke

If you have too much coke, sugar, and chocolate, you'll be easily getting fat. Now I'd like to talk about coke.

Coke is a soft drink. It has many advantages but on the other hand many disadvantages which lead to health problems.

There are plenty of sugar added to give the coke more taste and energy and while energy can be good, too much of it can increase health risks.

But it looks as if coke will still remain number one when it comes to soft drinks but please remember that if you have health problems then do not drink it, if not, coke still remains a favorite, and drink it sometimes!



可乐是一种软饮料(soft drink)。它有很多好处(advantage)但另一方面也有很多不利之处(disadvantage)可以导致(lead to)健康问题。


但说到软饮料看起来好像(it looks as if)可乐仍是排名第一但请记住如果你有健康问题那么不要喝它如果没有可乐仍可作为喜爱之物可以偶尔饮之。

63. Don't Pay the Cost

All kinds of vehicles——buses, coaches, cars and motorcycles, come and go every day. But it seems that we think the road is ours! The drivers may be a boss or a high-level worker, but will not care about the rules of road.

We feel proud that we've got our driving license, but we muse drive safely. It is wise to follow many rules and laws. You must know what traffic lights and signs(标记)mean You must know where and when you can park Also use common sense and politeness. Be careful and enjoy the drive!

Never pay the cost of your and your family's safety along with the safety of other people on the road. Please set an example to your kids and others.



我们得到了驾照(driving license)觉得很骄傲但我们必须安全驾驶。遵守众多规章和法律是明智的(wise)。你必须要知道交通灯(traffic lights)和标识的含义。你必须要知道你在何时何地停车(park)。此外运用常识要有礼貌。要小心并享受驾驶!


64. Iron and Steel

The iron and steel industry is an important basic industry of the national economy(经济). Modern life depends greatly on iron, the most widely used of all metals, usually in the form of steel. It is needed to carry out even the simplest daily tasks.


钢铁(iron and steel)工业(industry)是国家(national)经济中一个重要的基础产业(basic industry)。现代生活很大程度上依靠(depend on)它是所有金属中应用最广泛的通常以钢的形式出现。即使是执行(carry out) 些最简单的日常任务(task)也需要铁。

65. Time Never Returns

Small machines have been invented to measure(测量) time. They are clocks and watches. The invention was a great success.

Today almost everyone wears a watch on his arm to tell the time. Same watches also tell the date Men, women and children wear them. ow good watches are almost completely correct. Repairs and oiling are seldom necessary.

A clock wakes us. The clock at the office records the time we arrive at work, and the one in the kitchen tells us when dinner is ready. We try to be on time for conferences, we try to save time for important things and not to waste time on stupid things, and we pay for time to park on a busy street. People often say that "time is money . Truly we can create wealth by using time in a proper way.

Time passes rapidly, and it never returns. We want to be always young, but that's impossible. That is the magic of time We can't catch time. Time is difficult to control and easy to waste In fact, time is dangerous. If we don’t control it, it will control us. So we must become the master of time, not its servant.

Time is fair to everyone. Let's make good use of our time! Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.



如今几乎每个人都在胳膊上戴着一块手表来看时间有些也可看日期(date)。男女老少都戴手表。现在好的手表几乎是完全准确的(completely correct).很少需要修理(repair)或上油。

钟表可以叫醒我们。办公室的钟表记录我们上班时到达的时间厨房的钟表告诉我们什么时间饭做好了。我们尽力及时参加会议(conference)我们尽力为重要事情节省时间而不把时间浪费(waste)在愚蠢的事情上在繁忙的街道我们为停车的时间付费。人们常说时间就是金钱。确实我们可以通过合理利用时间而创造财富(create wealth)


时间对每个人都是公平的(fair)让我们好好利用(make good use of)我们的时间吧!今天能做的事不要拖延(put off)到明天(今日事今日毕)! 

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